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Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend's Thrifting Finds

Okay, now I can show you what were the results of my thrifting this past weekend! (Blogger pictures wasn't working over the weekend, for some reason)

Above, are some small, ceramic, pumpkin candles - all like new! Aren't they cute?

Above is a resin plaque of irises. It looks really beautiful in real life!
Lastly, here is an interesting candle holder/holders. It has lots of possibilities for different seasonal displays.

That's all that I found this weekend in my favorite thrift shop. Can't wait until next Saturday and whatever new treasures I will find.

Love, Elizabeth


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hi, Elizabeth. I tagged you for a meme . . . if you're willing to play. See my blog.

If you haven't done a meme before, it's a game where bloggers all do a post following the same rules and then ask others to do the same. It encourages people to go from blog to blog, reading entries and perhaps discovering new bloggers.

Trish said...

Elizabeth....you are great at finding things at the thrift store...you and my sister-in-law! I really must see with OPEN eyes when I go...I am not that imaginative I think. Anyway....hey...I will catch up with you on the weekend but you have not posted how your hubby is doing....email me or post kay? Want to make sure all is good! Still praying there for you all.