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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on Husband

For those of you who kindly answered my call for prayer by offering up thoughts in behalf of my husband, I thought that you would like to know that he is getting better. He is able to raise his bad arm over his head, a great improvement from when he couldn't raise it laterally at all. He still feels acute pain with his arm in certain positions, but things have eased up enough for him to use it in normal daily activites, as long as he is careful.

We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your warm and generous responses. If you don't mind, please continue to hold him up with your prayers, as we still need to make it to August 1st, when our insurance kicks in, before we can take him to the doctor.

Please let me know whenever we can pray for you. We would love to be of help in any way.


Trish said...

Oh Elizabeth...of course you and your husband remain on our prayer list. I remember the song...Faith in God can move a mighty mountain, Faith can calm a troubled sea, Faith can make the desert like a fountain, Faith will claim the victory.

We used to sing that song, don't know if you know it but it comes to mind in times like these. Bless you and your wonderful family Elizabeth.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Still praying.

I don't mean to be a discouragement, but please check to see if your insurance has a pre-existing condition clause. Many do, which means they still might not cover it. I feel horrible bringing this up, but it is best to be prepared.


vikki said...

i love your blog header and your site ~ so peaceful and full of love. thanx for your comment on my blog humble ♥. i lift you and your husband, and family up in prayer. and that all will be well. He is in control! i do git to see my lil 'o' my grandson at least once a week or so. they live about an hour from us ~ so not too far. i am so thank*ful for every time i see him! hugs and blessings to you, elizabeth. vikki ♥