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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Drip System

Hello, wonderful friends!
Today, I want to show you my homemade drip system. I learned how to do this from the Internet and then gave it a try. It works!

Store-bought drip systems can be expensive and time intensive to set up. This method is inexpensive - all one needs is recycled milk jugs (or even kitty litter jugs for big watering jobs!) and it only takes a few minutes to put into place. Using this system also helps protect against water born problems that can be introduced to your vegetable plants by overhead watering. This is an ideal system for drought stricken areas, plus it saves on one's water bill big time!

All you need to start is an empty milk jug and a kitchen paring knife. Turn the jug upside down and begin working a small hole in the bottom, right about here...

Be very careful to make this hole slowly, because it is easy to make too big of a hole. You want just enough of an opening to allow for a steady drip of water, not a stream. Too small of a hole will become easily clogged up and won't work. I went through a couple of milk jugs before I got this part down right.

Then, you just fill with water, nestle the jug up against the plant stem and let it do it's job!

I mainly do this for my veggie garden and for my flowering plants in the backyard. I am aware that milk jugs in the front yard might impress my neighbors too much. :)

Take care and have a great day! Elizabeth


Trish said...

Elizabeth...you are brilliant. Can I feature this on a post of mine with a link to your blog? What a super duper idea!!!!! Oh..and as I told your daughter...you can't link to my prsonal blog by clicking my name anymore...just bookmark me as your daughter has done. Anyway...like I said, you are simply brilliant. Thx.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a good idea.