Home for the Holidays, by Thomas Kincaid

Saturday, July 26, 2008

For Melissa


I passed the way of Heaven's Gate
And breathed the air of mortal state,
To rise and fall by freedom's choice
And give with love the softer voice.

In me, the wisdom of childhood eyes
Embraced the best, cast out the lies
Of those who passed my sojourn's way
And shared with me in Life's sweet play.

Find me now in the morning dew,
In the tapestry woven by sunset hues,
In the lofty glide of an eagle's grace,
Beyond the veil of earthly trace.

You and I, we were always one
With Mother Earth and the Celestial Son.
Love divine, without rebate,
Unlocks the doors of Heaven's Gate.

Love Divine, without rebate,
Waits for you at Heaven's Gate.

Mark W. Gibson

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Trish said...

what a moving poem....