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Monday, January 3, 2011

Twenty Things I love Most About Winter

1) When it is gray and cold outside, dimly lit and warm inside

2) An undisturbed, fresh coating of pure white snow, upon which no foot has trod, no tire has tread, no bird has lighted.

3) Hot chocolate with marshmallows

4) Reading by candlelight on a dark night

5) A long Winter's nap

6) Winter squash recipes

7) Soups and stews accompanied by warm, homemade bread

8) Quiet thoughts which come more readily on Winter evenings

9) Going sledding with children whose glee at the downward rush is irrepressible

10) The silence that follows a heavy snowfall

11) Baking in an oven that warms the whole house and sends delicious aromas throughout every room

12) The excitement and promise of a new calendar upon which nothing has yet been written, it is all up to me

13) The re-evaluation of a life, the setting of some honest, do-able goals

14) Hot Cider

15) Roasted meats, thick mashed potatoes, warm vegetables

16) Blank pages of a new journal

17) Nag Campa incense, the Winter essence for my home

18) Another year older, another year wiser, another year more thankful

19) Plans, hopes and dream

20) Underneath the frozen ground, the hope and promise of a Spring one day to be re-awakened.

What do you love most about the Winter months? Please tell me!
God bless,


Trish said...

oh my...love all these things on your list....so warm and cozy your page today!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

You and I seem to like the same things. Thanks for stopping by my blog...these are what we call down here little Barn Fenches, they are so tiny. It is hard to get a picture, if they see the least bit of movement they are gone.

Lindy said...

Really lovely post -- just right on a very cold (southern) day! I love it!

Andy and Ana said...

Enjoy a pleasant visit to your charming sight:)will pass on to my sister In Christ...she will your love Irish theme & songs. Thk U 4 sharing your blessings, Ana