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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Organizing for The New Year

Dear Friends and Visitors,

With the New Year fast approaching and many hearts and minds focused towards goals and plans for 2011, I would like to share some helpful links that I am currently using to help me achieve a more organized life.

Donna Young Printables

Need a new planner for 2011, but hate the prices? Customize a homemade planner with print outs from Donna Young. She has many options for work, homemaking and home schooling. And the best part is that, except for the price of the paper, this options is f.r.e.e.

I actually own a Day Runner, but hate to spend the money to update and customize this book every year. Donna Young has many sized planner page options and even one that will fit my 8" x 11" size notebook.

I'm An Organizing Junkie

Some of my regular readers may recognize this link, because it is Laura, at Organizing Junkie, who hosts the Menu Planning Monday that I often join. However, her site offers so much more that this. There are downloads for printed charts, umpteen posts on various organizing solutions. However, my favorite resource at this link is HERE, where Laura explains what she calls the Process, which is her method for organizing anything. She even has a section that tells how to organize for one's own personality type. How great is that?

Organizing Mind Over Matter

Vicky Winterton's incredible resource for home, office, home office, any and everything. Check this out! It is a fabulous site.


So who hasn't heard of FlyLady? This site is responsible for thousands of "Side-Tracked Home Executives" becoming much more effective and diligent in all of their many roles in life. This site offers printables, suggestions, methods, and even MENTORING for free! If you have never visited FlyLady, click on the link today. It could change your life!

Check out these sites and see what tools you can use to begin your most organized and exceptional New Years ever!

God Bless,


Organizing Mind over Matter said...

Elizabeth, I am a professional organizer and am very impressed with your insights. I too have visited two of the sites you have recommended.
As a professional organizer, I have written many articles about the process of organization on my website found at www.OrganizingMindOverMatter.com Use the search box in the upper right corner to find the information you need to progress forward on your journey. I also have over 60 FREE audio podcasts available for you and others to listen to which you can find at the bottom of the home page. My online show is titled The Organized Woman Show.
I am here to help you and others succeed. Happy 2011!
Vicki Winterton

Trish said...

I love your tips for the new year ahead. Happy New Year my dear friend.