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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Decorating Ideas and One Studious Cat

Hello, Friends and Visitors,

I have been listening to weather reports from across the United States and many places that are not that use to snow are snowed in this week. I know this can be very inconvenient, but I want to encourage you to enjoy Winter. Sometimes, as soon as the holidays are over, we want to rush to Spring, but then we miss so much.

To keep you in a Wintery mood, following are some unique decorating ideas I found off the Internet...

Imagine making a window treatment of delicate paper snowflakes.

Here is an inviting front porch that is festive for frosty days.

Now, for those of you here for Cats on Tuesday, here is a warm feline I caught in a moment of study and reflection. He was reading the scriptures when I surprised him.
For more Cats on Tuesday, please visit Gattina's blog HERE.
Have a wonderful Wintry day and remember to enjoy the here and now.


Gattina said...

I prefer a cute, warm, cosy, cuddly cat to all winter decorations !
I just hate winter, lol !

Carla said...

What a sweet kitty pic! My cat likes to read by osmosis, laying flat ONTOP of the material! One year we got a snowflake book, and my kids went crazy making them. My mom still hangs hers up each Christmas. I love them massed like this. I'm with Gattina, I don't like winter.

What I Did Today said...

We had a ton of delicious, puffy snow last night! It's all gone now though. :(

Splendid Little Stars said...

ha ha! cute kitty!
Those wintery scenes are quite cheery!

Andy and Ana said...

Enjoyable Elizabeth:)
Your 'Gato' Gattina takes after wise mommy....an inspiring & peaceful photo.
Lovely day, ana