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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Simple Womans Daybook, June 8th

One lone Johnny Jump Up greets the day

Outside my window... It is a beautiful day. The sky is clear following an evening rain storm, which freshened up the air and gave long drinks to the yard and all of my plants. Temperatures are warm, but not hot. What a perfect day in which to do a little outside puttering.
I am thinking...what a gift it is to live a simple life, surrounded by loved ones. I am so thankful that I have learned how precious are the small things in life.
I am hoping...that the Lord will bless my husband in this new job as he is working very hard and many hours...
I am thankful... for a calm day spent at home with the children, working hard, of course. I am always thankful for any time spent with the children.
From the learning rooms...my son, Robert, is spending many hours listening to CDs of the book, "Blood, Red Horse", Book 1 of a trilogy about the Crusades. Sarah is searching for another book for her Summer reading hours.
From the kitchen...there will be bread today, Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad for lunch and homemade Lasagna for tonight. Always lots to do! :)
I am wearing...jeans and a short-sleeves, zippered sweat top. I'm casual for work in the garden.
I am creating... an herb garden today and perusing the house for containers to use as planters. There will be basil, cilantro, italian parsley, lavendar, lemon sage, sage, thyme...
I am going...to run a few errands and then remain at home. I am looking forward to time in the backyard swing, for the reading of scriptures and my "sitting prayers". Sometimes I pray better while my body is in motion, go figure!
I am reading...
nothing yet. Any suggestions for Summer reading? I love really well written historical novels without graphic sexual situations.
I am hearing...two house finches, a husband and wife, sing to each other as they sit atop a feeder in the backyard. I wonder what they are saying...
Around the house...there is straightening, washing, ironing and cooking to do. Monday is usually my washing day, but I got really behind yesterday.
One of my favorite things...puttering around in the garden. I know I should wear gloves, but I adore the feel of dirt in my hands. Living close to the earth centers me and reminds me of my relationship with the great Creator, our loving Heavenly Father.
A few plans for the rest of the week:More practical concerns...car repairs, updating our registration, getting another drivers license (where the heck is that thing?!), and lots of time spent outdoors.
Here is a picture I am sharing...
Three homemade birdfeeders that are going strong this summer. For instructions on how to make them, click HERE.
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Have a lovely one!


Myrnie said...

Still love those bird feeders- they look so charming against your fence. And I KNOW our rascally raccoons and blue jays would empty them within an hour. Phooey! I'll just enjoy your pictures :)

Marie said...

A lovely daybook Elizabeth!