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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice!

The Sweet Pea Fairies, from the Garden Fairy series

Happy Summer Solstice!
Of course, we in the United States don't really celebrate this longest day of the year the way those in Britain and northern Europe do (or so I have read). However, this day has long been a favorite of our family. Sometimes we would celebrate it on the actual solstice (today!) and sometimes on June 24th, official Midsummer Day, but we usually would have a family feast of Summery foods and then build fairy houses for fairy visits.
A charming fair house from Enchanted Gardens

The fairies would usually leave something behind for the bits of cake and drink left out for them. Their gifts more often than not were seashells, from fairies visiting from the sea, lovely smooth stones and little trinkets.

O, the lovely memories of Midsummers past. Alas, my children are not interested in fairies anymore, but I am a child a heart and I love the make believe and play involved with this day. I just now need grandchildren to celebrate with.
"Night-time stars and bonfires bright
Families and friends sing on good St. John's Night
Summer sun, the sweet smell of hay,
And Children all dancing on Midsummer Day.

At Midsummer time the fairies come out,
If children could see them with glee they would shout!
On Midsummer's Eve even gnomes try to dance,
In fairy-ring revels they awkwardly prance.
On Midsummer Day elves and fairies all fly
From acorns and buttercups up to the sky."
_ Mala Powe
Even now, we still love to celebrate these days of Midsummer with special foods and much dining al fresco.

Do you celebrate Solstice or Midsummer's Day? Tell me all about it!


Myrnie said...

Haha...OK, so the only Solstice festivities I know of around here is the nude-including parade in Fremont (a more...."free"...part of Seattle). It's currently 58 and raining...it was warmer in February than it has been the last little bit! No wonder I'm seeing nothing but greens at the farmer's market! :)

Your little fairy houses sound lovely :)

Trish said...

what a delightful post Elizabeth..and great shots.

Christensen Family said...

neat post Aunt Elizabeth! Miss your lovely family.

Marie said...

Lovely post Elizabeth! I love fairies myself. I would so love to have a fairy door in my garden . . . oh the possibilities that brings! Lovely thought!