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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Farewell to Elementary School

Well, it's over. My son's 6th Grade graduation assembly was this morning and now it is over. No more elementary school. By the end of the Summer I will have two teenagers in middle school. How in the world did this happen?

It's bittersweet, you know. Although this transition fills me with excitement for a future of watching my children blossom into the adults they will be, I am filled with sadness. I have loved being the mother of children. Kids. I have loved it all.

I volunteered much of my time at the elementary school, teaching in special programs and assisting in classrooms. I loved every minute of it. It bonded me to my children's classmates, filled my days with purposeful work and allowed me to share my children's school experience.

Of course, I can volunteer at the Middle School level, but that experience is much different, no involvement in my children's classes. My intense involvement is over and I am a little heart sore over it.

Anyone else out there experiencing a similar transition or have already experienced it? What were your feelings?



Laurie said...

Elizabeth, I know the feeling! I went through that just a year ago! Ask at the middle school--some teachers will be delighted to have help in the classroom. Even if you just sit in the back and grade papers, you learn a lot about the class, the kids, the teachers. Some teachers don't know how to use a parent volunteer so they will say no, but some of them are smart and they will say YES!

Myrnie said...

Can't say that I have any advice, but I hope you find lots of joy in this new era in your home!!