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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A wonderful Evening and Sweet Willow

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my Saturday blog post! First, here are some recent pictures of my little grand-niece, taken by her parents...

Little Willow...

Isn't she beautiful? I want to go kiss her little cheeks!

Last night, I had the most fun that I've had in ages. While our husbands and sons are away on a "Boys Weekend" at a cabin above Heber, Utah, the wives and daughters gathered at our friend Teri's house (see her at Joyful Liberation) for some R&R. We had a feast of the most wonderful enchiladas that Teri made. There were two kinds: chicken and then these scrumptious squash ones. Yes, that's right - squash. I will be posting that recipe soon, after I get it from Teri. Then our friend, Kathy, made the most wonderful guacamole I have ever tasted. It was awesome. We also had con queso dip from Bajio. I supplied the decadent chocolate cake from Costco. We ate and LAUGHED and played Shanghai Rummy and LAUGHED and LAUGHED. The girls, Sarah and Mara (Teri's daughter) gave us pedicures and we watched "The Secret Life of Bees", an amazingly wise movie (it took me back to the South). By the end of the evening, I think that I can safely say that we were all relaxed and completely exhausted.

Did you know that your elbow skin is called a "weenus"? We laughed ourselves silly over that! Who came up with that? Why even name it in the first place?! Well, I'm better educated now. Who'd a thunk it?

Well, I'm off to get all my chores done. I don't want to. I want to get together and laugh some more. OOooooh, I had so much fun!

Thank you, Teri, for having us at your house and making those yummy enchiladas. Thank you, Kathy, for teaching us Shanghai and for making that wonderful guacamole.

All the rest of you have a WONDERFUL Saturday. And I wish everyone of you at some point today to have a really good LAUGH!!


Trish said...

Oh....that sounds like so much fun!!!!
Yikes snow yesterday? We got a dusting last night too...what is going on, eh? (Had to throw the Canadian 'eh' in there.)
Thanks for stopping by...I'll update my blog but a near burst appendix (is that how you spell it?)operation at midnight and it looks like my SIL is on the 'mend'....
I'm cooking up a storm inside while the windstorm howls outside. Come by for a visit at 'The Mad Chemist' http://themadchemist-trish.blogspot.com/

Beth at Aunties said...

A weenus huh? Well, my weenus is dry and I really don't like hits the funny bone under my weenus. LOL I will have to remember that one.

We got back late last night from Colorado. Our son and his new wife found a home, for when he graduates in May. I will be SO happy for them when thy can finally live in the same state!
Your grand niece darling. I can see why you want to kiss those cheeks.
I am sorry about your steps son's mom.:(
Hope you have wonderful Sabbath!

Christensen Family said...

Oh thank you for posting a picture of our Willow. I love that one. She sparkles.

Alexandra said...

Oh my gosh, she is adorable. I know what you mean about kissing cheeks. Babies just cry out for this(giggle).