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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Sabbath

I had a wonderful opportunity today for a long prayer session which I normally never get. As you may have read in my earlier posts, my son and husband have been away on a weekend retreat with some friends at a mountain cabin about an hour or so from here. My daughter, Sarah, has been staying at the house where the wives and I had a Girls Night. Today, I awoke to a silent house.

Whenever I am in silence, my heart wants to fill the silence with prayer. Usually, I never get quite this much. When I found out that I have to pick up my husband and son in the middle of the time that we normally attend our meetings, I decided to use the hour or so when I would normally be getting ready for church to say the kind of prayer that was a regular offering for me when I was single and had lots of alone time to be with the Lord. Oh, my goodness, the time flew by today. Before I knew it, my heart had been pouring out to God for close to an hour. I felt His Spirit all around me and enjoyed His peace. I gave thanks for all of my many blessings and didn't have to rush through my supplications for the people I present to Him for His help.

Now I feel just wonderful and thankful. I am grateful all the lessons I've been learning in my life. I feel like a number of situations/challenges have come full circle and they are a testimony to me that the Lord has had a plan for my life.

I hope that you are having a wonderful day today, too, however you choose to spend it. I hope it is full of sunshine (either real or emotional) and peace.



Trish said...

What a blessing....and what a way to start a week. May your week continue to be full of His Grace and Mercies dear Elizabeth.

Alicia said...

Dear Elizabeth,
What a wonderul day for you. There are just somedays when you can't help but feel thankful for all the blessings the Lord sends. That was the topic from one of our sacrament mtg. speakers, the other was on forgiveness, but I think that I was still stuck on the thankfulness.
One new convert blessed the sacrament for the first time. Another recent convert had her friend and friends husband at church because they wanted to know why she looked "different". And a new member was confirmed. Just an amazing day! The missionaries were so excited!!! Great Day.
you can also find me at: babyrobbinsnest.blogspot.com

Beth at Aunties said...

What a special day of feeling the love of His arms surround about you. I love those prayers of pure gratitude and feeling his mercies and grace.

I ams thrilled a comment could also help you feel better with your back spasms:)