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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exasperating Animals!

Hello, Friends!
Well, I am a completely frustrated blogger today. Not only can I not upload any original photos because my camera is on the blink, I can't seem to be able to save any pictures from the Internet now, either. So, no photos of any kind today. And I have much to show you!

Instead, I've decided to whine about my cat, Sunny. Sunny is a long-hair, orange tabby. I got him from my friend, Teri, over at Joyful Liberation (see the side-bar, because now my linky-thing isn't working - aargh!). He was a cute kitten, just one big ball of fur with the longest and most lethal claws I've ever seen on a cat. Consequently, he wasn't real cuddly, but he was always hanging from something...Couldn't wait until he hit three months when I could de-claw the little guy, because he was most often hanging from my new-ish couch (growl!). Having him fixed at about 6 months, calmed him down quite a bit, too. Nevertheless, he has remained a highly idiosyncratic pussycat.

Sunny does not like to be held. In other words, you may not go over and pick him up or he will hiss. However, if you are sitting somewhere comfy and he is in a mood for society, he will flop on you for as long as he wants, but you better not get up. This ticks him off and he will either hiss, or meow this gutteral kind of meow-y sound that lets you know that you have really ticked him off.

He wants his food RIGHT NOW. He doesn't politely plead, like his soulmate, Timmy. He roars and tries to trip you as you go down the hall to fill his bowl. Sunny's motto is "the squeaky wheel gets fixed" and also "the squeaky wheel that tries to trip and run you over gets fixed even faster!"

Sunny is usually up for a good time and that means he wants to bat around his catnip mouse. He once leapt over the upstairs railing practically to his death to retrieve it when it "jumped" from his paws one day. Or,...he will try to open the kitchen drawer which houses the aluminum foil. Why? You may ask. Because it houses ALUMINUM FOIL! He loves the stuff and he knows I usually keep clean, used sheets in there. He will pull these out with his mouth and pounce on and work with them until he gets them into a ball, which he then bats around the house. He has almost commit suicide leaping after these things, too.

Although he doesn't like to be held, per se, Sunny does not like to be alone. He meows loudly when we leave. Then, he meows loudly when we return. And then, he tries to trip me when I go up the stairs to the main floor. He doesn't like to go to sleep without a warm body next to him. So, he wants me to go to bed when he does. He just isn't comfy until I am lying down. But then, he does not remain asleep, for he awakes on the average every two hours throughout the night and demands to be petted. When I throw the covers over my head, this only encourages him. He comes up to my head and pounds on it with his paw until I, drunk with fatigue, make feeble attempts to rub the little devil. If I give up too soon, he starts pouding again.

Toss him out of the room, you say? Oh, you naive! Because then he puts his paws under the door and bangs it in its frame until I completely give up and let the little X#$%& in, when the whole process begins again.

So, why am I whining in particular today? Because after going to bed after midnight last night, acting as wifely counselor/secretary to my husband, I went to bed to the above scenario. I was pestered all night long!

But don't tell me to give Sunny away, because I would miss his exasperating, devilish, irritating little self. Whether I like to admit it or not, the little guy amuses me and, when in bed he flops down on my shoulder like he owns the place, my heart melts and that is what has kept me from murdering the little monster!!!!!!!!!



Alicia Robbins said...

Oh, that is quite the experience your little critter puts you through. What would we do without the little monsters to amuse us? Our Pokey(the parasite)passed away in our sons arms in January. She provided us with 15 and a half years of amusement. I have a rally precious picture of her all cuddled up to my granddaughter, Audrey. Pokey was bigger than she was and Pokey loved her adopted baby.

Alexandra said...

LOL, what a cute pet story. My two pets are a bit spoiled and have me at their beck and call. My cat likes to trip me up as well, and mews and sits next to me until I go to bed. He can be a real pest, but he's a sweet cat. Pets are a bit like having another child, aren't they?! ;)

Myrnie said...

haha- what a character! Cats are so smart, aren't they?

Trish said...

Oh that is so cute...my goodness cats are smart! Hey, I hope your pics are working now. And I must say, your blog is looking more and more amazing. Look at you girl, all your neat little widgets etc on the side...you are a pro now! Grin....take care ...sorry haven't been around....sigh...busy busy with a teenager adult wannabe.

Teri said...

LOL,, of I feel partly responsible Elizabeth! I wonder if LeeAnn's kitten, Ashley, is anything like Sunny. Our Bella is the female version of Sunny. The funny thing is, their mother is NOTHING like them! It must be the dad :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh my, what a tale. I enjoyed reading this.