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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Sabbath

Hello, Ladies!

Happy Sabbath! Whew! I am so happy to be back to my old self again. That's one fun thing about being sick...It feels so good when it's over! However, now both of my children are sick, so I'm still at home! Thank you for the sweet comments.

I would like to ask you to please pray for my sweet friend, Beth, over at Aunties With Advice. She has been sick for weeks and was just diagnosed with pneumonia. She really needs prayer power. When you read this, please offer up a little prayer for Beth. Thank you so much!!

For my Sabbath message...I'd like to link you to a wonderful story about my favorite picture of Jesus Christ (above). Scroll down the page to the link, "Jesus, The Masterpiece", and read about how this wonderful woman was inspired to create this painting after suffering a Near-Death Experience.

Hope you have a wonderful Sabbath!


Alexandra said...

Glad you are better, and praying for everyone else too. There is a lot of respiratory virus going around now.

tardevil said...

Hi & thanks for coming by my blog. I know you must miss NC! I'm originally from the Triangle area, so I miss being close to Raleigh, Chapel Hill and the beach. Lake Norman is just outside of Charlotte (you've probably heard of Davidson College - we're near that). Maybe you'll get back here one day. Sorry to hear your family has been sick. My husband and I have had terrible sinus infections too. I do hope sweet Beth will be better soon. She's a dear. Stop by anytime!