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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

I'm a little late getting this weeks menu posted. A lot is currently going on in the Gibson house. Anyway, I cooked a turkey over the weekend, so you will notice that some of my recipes are planned around lots of leftovers...Here is what I have so far...

Monday - Turkey Enchiladas, salad and dessert
(I use whole wheat flour tortillas and green sauce!)

Tuesday - Lasagna Rolls, fruit salad and dessert
(we have these a fair amount because the children love them!)

Wednesday - Turkey/Veggie Soup, bread and salad

Thursday - Hoppin John, cabbage and sliced tomatoes.

Friday - Usually I have leftovers, but I want to share a link here for Beth's (Aunties with Advice) wonderful Potato Soup. I add some mozarella chees and chopped ham. This is to DIE for! Just had it last week.\

Have a great Monday!

Friday -

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nowealthbutlife.com said...

The link for the potato soup did not work for me. That is too bad because it sounds good. I love potato soup.