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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Invitation

My husband called today from the road to tell me that the colors up Provo Canyon and over the pass from Brighton to Park City are beautiful. Then, he invited me to have a picnic lunch with him tomorrow to see the colors. What a nice husband!

I will be packing a picnic lunch. Any suggestions for what to bring that would be special?
I promise lots of pictures tomorrow!


Bobbie said...

I bet the leaves are beautiful at Bryce!! Not too much of the beautiful leaves changing colors in the deep south.

I suggest a chicken salad... get one that was raosted from the grocery store if you are in a hurry- chop 1/2 onion an one green bell pepper, add chopped grapes and a couple spoonfuls of mayo and salt and pepper- also can add pecans (in baking aisle) if you desire. Put on bread or serve inside cantaloupe "bowl".

I do try to organize a weekly meal schedule and post it on Mondays. My meals are usually a lot of the same... so they are kind of boring!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

It sounds wonderful dear Elizabeth. I hope you have a good time. And thank you so much for the kind comment you left me.. Sending you warm thoughts, Nita

P.s i love Eva Cassidy! She is one of my favorite singers.