Home for the Holidays, by Thomas Kincaid

Monday, September 15, 2008

Even More Fall Nesting

Here is the hutch with many Fall decorations (you can see my memorial shadowbox for my mother to the right side).
A closer look at the garland and top shelf. The couple in the old photograph are Mark's parents on their wedding day.
I stole an idea that I saw on several blogs to upturn a crystal goblet for a candlestand. The little pumpkins are votive lights.
My mother left me this little English tudor cottage. We both would have loved to live in such a house!
My thrift store find atop a glass cake stand, with grapevine.

More to come.
Have a lovely day!


Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage Two said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for visiting me! Okay since you asked for some decorating ideas, this is my first thought on your hutch. It looks pretty, but what about some plates standing up along the back of the hutch, maybe some antique dishes, I would use something in light colors to brighten up your hutch and then add your pumpkins in for Fall. Then I would get some old doiles or linens and lay them on the shelves so that they hang over the edge a little bit. I hope you were serious about wanting me to help LOL. Well I will check back to see ya soon!
P.S. Do you have any old china from your husbands parents in the picture, that would be nice too.

Susan P. said...

Hi Elizabeth, this is my first time visiting your blog and I have enjoyed it so much! Your home looks so charming and cozy all dressed up for Fall!