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Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall Nesting/Seasonal Tree

I've just begun Fall decorating and I thought I'd start out with a Seasonal Tree. I'm using faux alpines that I bought several years ago at a local craft store.
I've covered it with grapevine, faux black-eye susans and chrysanthemums and autumn leaves, as well as cotton ribbon.
Then, I decided to add two more trees to the display. I will be decorating them the same way, I am pretty sure. I also feel like I need to add something to the trees...Any ideas?

The basket has fall flowers and a gold-colored hankie.

To be continued...



Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I like the fall flowers you're using. Great colors.

Trish said...

You, my friend...are very creative. Wonderful to create such a warm atmosphere in the home...a celebration of Autumn...my favorite season

lisa said...


Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. I love the Seasonal Tree it is beautiful. I can't wait to start my Fall decorating. You were close, I'm not from Virginia but Southern Maryland. Have a fantastic weekend.


Bella Casa said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog:) Can you believe we had that Maple Chicken for dinner just now? lol It is like the 4th time I have made it already, it's really good and so easy to make, love that!

I love your trees! That is something I have not seen before, I love it! Knowing me, I would want some brown or yellow lights on it, lol, do they even make those colors? But I think they look pretty just the way that they are:)

Very nice to meet you:)