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Monday, September 15, 2008

Does This Look Better?

Kelli, from Rose Vine Cottage suggested that I add doilies and China to my hutch Fall display. I think that does brighten things up quite a bit and sets off the autumn colors. What do you think?

Anymore ideas? I don't want it to be too cluttered, but I really want it to look good...
Thanks for all ideas!



I love it! It's funny you added more things but to me it made the other things like the pitcher and bowl stand out more(in a good way) and the white dishes bring everything together and soften the look of the wood. It looks so pretty. Now what else can I help you with, this is fun LOL.

Trish said...

I love it....you are very creative and looks like you are getting some good tips 'to boot'. Sigh...my favorite time of year....if only we could 'bottle' the smells and memories of Autumn.

ceekay said...

Hi, came by and saw the before and after of your autumn hutch. I like the doilies and the dishes on the hutch. You asked about more ideas and I really don't know what you want, but have you seen where the blogging world is using scrapbook paper to "wall paper" the back of hutches? They don't glue it, just tuck it back there. It might give you another look IF you want to change the wood.
Have a great week!

Kelly~RoseVineCottageTwo said...

Hi it's me again, I just saw your message that you left me, I have another blog, I just recently messed up on my other one so bad that I had to create a new one so all of my pic are on the old one. If you go to the picture of me here on my new blog you can click on that and it will take you to my old blog you can go through the archives of my pictures there. Sound confusing?? I tried to make it easy. Let me know if you find it. Hugs~Kelly

Trish said...

hey....you are famous! Grin...google Mennonite Girls Can Cook for your famous cookie recipe!


Hi I wanted to tell you that I went and looked on the site about your cookie recipe, congratulations they sound delicious! You had asked for more tips~It's hard to tell what you have from the pictures but I think your trees are so pretty that I was wondering if you have a buffet cabinet in your dining room? I think they would look good up off the floor and on the buffet then put your pumpkins or maybe some fall flowers in baskets around them, I don't know, my mind goes on and on.LOL. Another thing I went to your older posts and saw that you have your Moms hankies why don't you display them somehow. Maybe you have and just didn't take a pic. What about in your kitchen do you have some area in there for yor trees? Maybe on a island. Let me know.