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Friday, August 22, 2008

Thy Grace is Sufficient

Well, for those of you who don't like faith-based posts, you might want to look away from this one.

I have been thinking a lot about having faith in the midst of adversity...and how easy it was for me to have faith when I was young and on my own and how much more difficult it is for me now that I have a husband and children who are dependent upon me. For those who don't know us well, Mark and I have struggled at making a living for many years. My husband works very, very hard, but it has been an uphill climb. There have been many prayers for God's intervention to help us out.

Recently, I have realized that over the years my prayers have been prayers of fear instead of prayers of faith. This hit me very hard between the eyes. So, I have been thinking a great deal about approaching life with greater belief that the Lord has the ability and DESIRE to help us according to our needs. This has turned my thinking around 180 degrees (well, I'm not great with geometry, but I think that is a correct analogy).

Now, I am approaching each day looking for manifestations of the Lord's grace, small examples that He is watching over us and knows our concerns...Everyday, I come away something that shows me that He is there.

Just for an example, yesterday I did something stupid yet again...I locked Sarah and myself out of the house. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Well, it wasn't the first time. Plus, my hide-a-key was inside. Wouldn't you know it? I was pretty desperate, because I didn't want to call a locksmith. I need any extra funds for buying school supplies and school clothes. A locksmith would eat up my extra funds. So, I prayed with all my heart. Suddenly, into my mind, pops an idea. Go into the garage, find a screwdriver and try to pry open one of our windows. I particularly felt impressed that my son's window might be open (we'd already tried this with our hands to all the windows in the house to no avail). We were desperate so we followed this prompting. Guess what? Robert's window opened. We were able to get inside and unlock the front door.

We can still buy school supplies and clothing.

Some people would say this is a coincidence. I don't believe that. I believe that the idea that popped into my head when I was ready to give up was information from God to help us out.

This is just one of many examples of late that I have had of God's constant love and caring. It is helping me to move forward in faith instead of fear.


The Feathered Nest said...

Wonderful post and lesson sweet Elizabeth!!! I love this ~ seems as though when we are weak, He is strong!! Thank you for the reminder, xxoo, Dawn

Trish said...

Oh Elizabeth. This is a good post. I believe in a God who absolutely reveals Himself in the particular needs of His children.... no matter how insignificant we may feel they are. I, for instance, sit in my car and pray before every grocery shopping, praying that I will be able to sufficiently and healthfully feed my family with my budget of that week....so yep. I believe that God cares about every need, even balancing the bankbook and NOT paying for a locksmith. I know that kind of a budget by the way...and how I despair when something goes on the 'blink' and I am faced with another expense being compromised. I always think...well, He was the son of a carpenter...He understands. His mother must have had to be very careful with each and every meal and household item prepared...He'd understand.

By the way...thanks for all the encouragement these past weeks. I am slowly getting out and 'visiting'....sigh. My Dad is taking this all very hard..poor thing. My mom was everything to him...he cared for her every move as they lived in a Lodge which would not allow her to remain these past years if she could not manage on her own. He successfully 'covered' for her, helping her to bed, to the dinner table and her every need. Now he is so lost....of course, he has his faith which is strong. But he is nearly 90 and this is almost too much for him. I shall go for a return visit very soon. Thankfully my brother lives there just blocks away....thanks again sweet southern friend of mine.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This was a good post. I also believe that God works this way. And I really know what you mean about being on a tight budget. My husband and I both work as freelance writers, so income isn't a given for us either. But God is faithful.