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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Morning Musings

This morning, I put everything aside that I needed to do and went for a very long walk to get some much needed exercise. On my way back home, I passed by a small park and flopped down on a hillside there underneath some shade for a little rest. On my back in the grass, I lay gazing up at the clouds. I began to do with myself what I have often done with the children, which is recognizing familiar things in the shapes of the clouds. That was one of my favorite games as a child, but I lost that ability when I became an adult. Not that long ago, as a single lady, I would have looked at those same clouds and that is all that I would have seen. Since experiencing life through the eyes of my children, my childhood eyes have re-opened and I see all kinds of things. Today, I fancied that I saw three angels in white flying through the sky. It was fun and an enormous sense of peace settled over me as I realized, once again, that despite my many challenges in life, I have been blessed.

I usually count my blessings everyday and I am amazed at how many things, even if they are "little" things, witness of the tenderness and love of a personal God. Not the least of these blessings is having two beautiful spirits in my life, that of Sarah and Robert, who have opened up my eyes again to see the world with wonder.

Have a wonderful day!


Candy said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Thanks for the sweet comment you left for me today :)
I LOVE this post!!! It is so precious! I too remember looking at the clouds when I was younger and coming up with ideas of what the clouds looked like. Thanks for reminding me that its not just for kids! Adults SHOULD take the time to do that too, its not only fun but its relaxing and it makes you appreciate the little things of life.
God bless you sweet Elizabeth!

Candy :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Lovely photo. I'm glad you took some time for yourself.

Miss Sandy said...

I experience life much the same as you only through the eyes of my darling little grandson who just turned two. Last week we took great delight in picking up fallen leaves, examining them closely and then tossing them in the air to watch them flutter back to earth. He makes me appreciate the simple joys in life.

Trish said...

just playing catchup tonight... I loved this post..I am sorry I missed it earlier. I love to think that you took that time and lay there beneath the clouds. You are right, so right, God does give us countless blessings...our children we often forget are blessings too...grin...