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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School

Tomorrow, my daughter, Sarah, goes for her Middle School orientation. My son, Robert, begins school on Monday, which will also be my daughter's first full day. I thought carefully about putting them in school versus home schooling and, for now, this seems like the best choice for the family. However, I will miss them greatly.

It seems like it was last week that the children first came home for summer break. We hoped to have so much fun and we did make many memories: Midsummer's Eve and the baby dove is one of my favorites, July 3rd at the Read's, we saw several sets of fireworks this summer, had many sleepovers and fun activities, like visiting the Fish Hatchery in July with the home school Project Wild group. This was also the summer when Sarah and I learned all about Blogging together. Time zipped right by...

Now, we are looking at the beginning of school again and I'm planning fall decorations.

Did this summer go quickly for you, too? What is one of your favorite summer memories?

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vikki said...

time does zip by quickly! i have been saying for years that it goes faster & faster. mebbe coz i am gitting older & older... loved hearing about your garden & varieties you planted. we did salsa last nite. such a beautiful bounty! how blessed we are. i even love the colors ~ the red tomatoes, green peppers, yellow corn! such lovely blessings & how thank-ful i am for them! hugs & blessings, vikki ♥