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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Willow's Pony Party! (Great Party Ideas!)

 Okay, before anymore lyrical (ha) posts about Fall, I have to tell you all about my little grand-niece's birthday party.  Willow Kate turned 3 this month and her family threw her a fabulous Rainbow Pony Party at the park.  Don't you love how they floated rainbow colored balloons at the entrance to the terrace where they held the party?
 The decorations were adorable, but the piece de resistance was definitely this cake, made by an aunt.  Inside this cake (my camera broke right before they cut the cake - aaargh~), were five layers, each a brilliant color of the rainbow!  I am saying, this cake was too beautiful to eat (alright, I ate some of it).
The decorations were beautifully prepared by all the family, according to my niece's instructions.
Here is a cute, goodie basket with pictures of the birthday girl.
 Okay, here is my beautiful niece, Emily, marathon-runner, wonderful wife and mother and creator of incredible birthday parties.
Here is the precious Willow, so adorable and getting really big (I meant to whisper in her ear that she musn't get any bigger :)  )
 My niece's father-in-law rented this pony for the party.  He was very sweet natured, from what I could tell, and was a fun ride for Willow and her friends.
Here Aunt Kellie and two of Willow's friends, Jane and Cosette (with mom) make lovely bracelets at the craft table.
 It is amazing what some colorful beads, some pipe cleaners...
and little hands can do!
 Lunch was a buffet bar, contributed to by all the members of the family (what a great idea).  Great-grandmother is on the left and Grandma Gibson (can she really be a grandmother?  You look too young) is on the right.
After lunch were all of the games.  You can't have a Pony Party without a pony race!
 (Girl in pink:  what the heck, just run!)
Willow wins!
A pony pinata ...
 ..dumps many wonderful treats (with a little help from mom)!
 Yum, yum!
 Looks who scavenges for the leftovers :)
There are treat bags for all.
 And a beautiful birthday girl, with lovely manners, who said thank you when handed gifts.
This was a wonderful day of family, fun, food, all brought together by the love for one very special young lady - Happy Birthday Willow!

We love you!


Christensen Family said...

Thank you guys for celebrating . . . and for giving me such a big head :) The puppet theater is fabulous!

Sybil said...

what a wonderful day in such great company. You are all such a talented lot...those decorations were fabulous...and it looked a gorgeous day into the bargain...bet everyone was tired that night !! (The photographs are all so good, how I wish I could fathom out how to get them into my blog...try as I might I have never managed ....see why I think you are all so talented)
Good night. God Bless,
Love Sybil xx

Alexandra said...

What a sweet birthday girl. Belated birthday blessing to her.

mark lawrence said...

Amazing idea for a birthday party, and you executed it wonderfully. It was good to see you actually got a pony for the party. My daughter’s birthday is also just around the corner and we are organizing a party this weekend. We found a perfect outdoor location for the party at the event space NYC and booked it yesterday.