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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Hour of the Sunflower

Well, I guess I don't know if these are sunflowers or not, but they are springing up everywhere as they always do during late August/September.  Their stems can grow as much as 6 feet high (Some tall ones  are in in my vegetable plot) and one stalk can grow several of these sunny faces.  Their appearance in vacant lots, along roadsides and at the edge of the Nature Preserve reminds me that Summer is drawing to a close and that soon beautiful Fall colors will begin on the mountains.

The end to this Summer is bittersweet.  So much of our vacation days were spent in California which greatly shortened what we have come to know and love about Summer here in Utah.  But then again, we have many memories of sand and waves to look back on...Sunsets on the beach, watching my son body surf and play in the waves, exciting times in the city, poignant moments of packing away family valuables...longing to go back home.  Coming back home to a re-modeling MESS, which still has not been resolved.  But home is home, right?

Soon I will be decorating for Fall!

Have a great one!

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What I Did Today said...

Beautiful whether they are sunflowers or not! I'm having a hard time letting this Summer go. Not that I have to as the temps are still summery, but that cool wind has definitely shown up already! I think of it as Autumn's herald. It'll be fun to see how you decorate for Fall.