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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ten Things I Love about Early Autumn!

Picture by Oana M.

Ten Things I Love About Early Autumn

1.  It is warm, but not hot; cool but not cold.  Perfect weather.
2.  I look up towards the mountains, searching, and finally see autumn rusts here and there.
3.  Cornstalks and Pumpkins for sale, everywhere
4.  Re-aquainting myself with my recipes for soups, stews and chilis.
5.  Leaving the windows open and airing out the house with cool breezes.
6.  Fall cleaning and decorating.
7.  Sunflowers brightening up roadsides.
8.  Corn Mazes and hayrides
9.  Fresh apple cider from local farms.
10. Bringing out the quilts and blankets, we will need them soon!

Stop and savor the season, my friends.  It is fleeting!


Sybil said...

I am not so much in love with Autumn as you are Elizabeth !! to me it is the forerunner to winter my very very least favourite season !! The trees are colouring up around here now and I think whilst I was away I may have missed the chestnut drop...perhpas Peter my neighbour will find some for me ( I put them in all the corners of the rooms etc, they seem to keep away the spiders )
The cruise was lovely we are slowly coming down to earth again !!
Love Sybil x

Trish said...

I love love the Fall....There is something utterly inspiring about the 'last breath' of beauty of a sun drenched season. Not that our summer was that sun drenched I tell you! But even more wonderful about Fall is the offering of fruits of labour...the meaning behind the harvest and the gratefulness and thankfulness we give on Thanksgiving. Of course, in Canada that is in a few short weeks so the 'tie to the season' is that much more. Nice post...

Laura said...

My favorite season and you've explained all the reasons why!

Blessings for a wonderful weekend from Our Scented Cottage!

Christensen Family said...

It is my FAVORITE! Lovely post! So wonderful seeing the family this weekend!