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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn at Gardner's Village, Utah

Welcome to the first Outdoor Wednesday that I have done in ages!  My subject is the beautiful, folksy Gardener Village, in Utah.
 The are celebrating Fall and the coming of Halloween with pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!
 Gardner Village is a collection of old small homes and cottages which were moved from their original locations to the area around a former grist mill.  The mill is now a restaurant and store of charming country furniture; the cottages are now shops filled with wonderful country charm.
 Some wonderful items are being displayed outside for a sidewalk sale...
A small, picturesque creek runs through the village and is decorated with  pumkins.
 If you look close, you will see a witch inside the pump house, below!  She opens and closes the shutters there.
 My husband spends time with a very handsomely attired witch (if you are a spook!) on one of the many sweet benches to be found in the village.
Love this wagon house.
There are witch rides at night until Halloween, but they won't be riding in this vintage wagon.

 Oop!  A witch flew into the old grist mill and has stuck there - OUCH!
 Hope you enjoyed your mini-visit to Garnder Village in the Fall.
Come back soon~

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Myrnie said...

What fun! For the first time, we have pumpkins in our garden...I'm not sure the kids realize we won't be visiting the patch this year!

Dayle said...

That looks like my kind of place. If only it would get cool here in our neck of the woods.

Christensen Family said...

LOVE gardner village at this time of year. We're planning on you and sarah for WNO! Woo! Lets do a dinner beforehand or after somewhere - its usually WAY too busy to eat anywhere in GV that night.

Anne said...

I absolutely love these pictures! I'm in the UK and you just don't see this over here (as you may know this is a very boring country compared to some). Have been thinking so much lately of picking up sticks and moving to the US, for huge Halloween celebrations and seasonal cheer (all we do is complain about the weather!)
Thanks for sharing these pics with everyone, I thought that this sort of thing was only in the movies!