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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Will Somebody Please Turn on the Light?!

Well, we are into Day 7 of having no computer. It turned out to be more than a new charger cord that was needed. The whole darn hard drive crashed as well. Fortunately, the information is able to be saved, but we are paying through the nose for this back up, as our Mozy subscription was paid for, but not working (Aaargh!). Great.

So, still no pictures for my posts and very little blog visiting can be done...:(


I received some interesting comments on my post about the use of music in our daily lives. One friend asked what artists I listen to while I am working around the house. I listen to Enya, and any type of instrumental that has a simple arrangement and has only a few instruments. More complicated music, like Classical (a big love of mine) distracts me from whatever I am doing and I feel like I need to sit down and truly listen to and appreciate the piece, which is nice, but keeps me from being productive. Lyrics do the same thing, believe it or not. But then I am VERY distracted. If you are more normal, you can probably do all kinds of music and be very effective. :)


Another thing that really helps me be more energetic and productive is light . In the winter months especially, but also all throughout the year, I really need a lot of light in the house. For some reason, I feel more peppy and energized to work when I am around a lot of it.

I use a Verilux Happy Lite for my kitchen, which was built without a window in it and can be dismal without a lot of help. This coupled with regular kitchen lighting does much to warm up this space and lift my mood.

Throwing open any and all windows is a real plus as natural light has the best positive effects of all on the mind and body. In all seasons other than Winter, I take breaks from my homemaking to work in the garden, sit out on our back deck or our backyard lawn swing to enjoy the sunlight. What a difference it makes to energy and desire to get things done.

How about you? Do you have dark areas in your home that are a little dreary? What do you do the cheer them up a bit?

Well, I am off now to work on my home...The sun is out following an incredible thunder snow storm last night. We went from Springtime weather to heavy winter in just a few short hours. Well, that's life for you on the Wasatch Mountain front!

Have a great one!

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What I Did Today said...

My mom's house is the lightest place I know. She has seasonal depression and light is a matter of life or death to her. Hope you get your computer back up and running soon!