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Friday, February 25, 2011

Beautiful Bedrooms

Hello, Friends and Visitors!

My computer is finally back and healthy, fingers crossed! I am able now to visit everyone and post again. Whew!
Oh, how I love to snuggle up in a beautiful bedroom. There is something so cozy and inspiring when one's room is artfully decored (notice, that I said "artfully" and not "expensively". There is a difference!). It sets this room apart from the rest of the home as a sanctuary and special place. It isn't a Family Room where children romp; nor is it the kitchen, where one eats, or the office where one works. It is a place to dream, to love, to relax, to pray and to feed one's soul.

One doesn't have to spend lots of money, but it does take time, effort and a creative eye.

Blue is a soft, peaceful color for sleeping. I love it in bedrooms. Our master bedroom is blue.

Image from Country Living

Lots of linens, hand-me-downs, family heirlooms, thrift store and estate sale finds can turn one's room into a lovely place to ponder and dream.

Image from Country Living

How I love a beautiful bedroom!

Bedrooms are places for beloved objects and items of sentiment. Books and lovely music. Candlelight. Scented potpourri or incense. Quiet voices. Stilled thoughts. A place of rest and renewal for body and soul.

O, how I love a beautiful bedroom!

How about you? What do you think is essential in one's room?



Myrnie said...

A lock. :)

Alexandra said...

I like a platform bed, a small side table, a floor plant, and a small telly in the bedroom; that's it. My comfort is in minimalism. I am particular with my bedding though, and I like at least three big fluffy firm pillow for myself. Warm organic neutrals are my favorite color scheme. We've got an almost wall-to-wall wool Persian rug in our bedroom, and I love it. It takes me away to another world. I also like the bed under a window, so that I can see the stars and moon. I open the drapes when there is a full moon. :)

Sybil said...

I felt so relaxed reading about your fav.rooms that I could almost have gone to sleep !!!
I just love my bed and it's matress!! I have been away a few days and although the hotle bedroom and bed was lovely there is nothing, nothing, like my own cosy matress !! Mind you I dream a bit like you of having a real haven to dream in...I would love to be able to afford real good linen....and have someone to wash and iron it !! Ah well we can dream
Love Sybil xx