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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook, February 8, 2011


Outside my window...there is cloud cover, but the sky is bright. Several inches of snow lie on the ground and it is cold.

I am thankful for... light. Brightness. My mood is greatly affected by both.

From the kitchen
...I must admit the breakfast dishes still need to be washed and put away. The counters are cluttered and await my diligence. Two hungry cats have formed a welcoming commitee for the tiny mouse who somehow got into our house and is hiding under the stove.

I am wearing...jeans and a shirt...ugh, so much for my commitment to greater femininity.

I am creating...a pefect ham sandwich on two slices of the best bread I have ever made (put lecithin in it!).

I am going...to eat my sandwich!

I am reading...a catalog of The Great Courses, lectures on cd from leading intellectuals on various subjects. I want to take the course on Linguistics.

I am hoping...for too many things to list here. I guess it is a blessing to have hopes for without them life would be dreary.

I am hearing...Soundscapes, a channel of peaceful instrumentals from Comcast TV.

Around the house...the kitties continue their vigil, I am writing and eating, music is playing and the washer is going.

One of my favorite things...right now, is my wonderful ham sandwiches. I hope there are ham sandwiches in Heaven, though I don't see how there can be as that would require the death of a heavenly piggie and there is no death in Heaven. SO, I better get my fill down here!

A few plans for the rest of the week: A Woman's get together at church tomorrow night, two trips to the LDS Temple, and a Valentines Dinner this weekend at the house of my beautiful niece, Emily (technically, that's next week - Sunday).

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Here is the Mouse Welcoming Commitee....Timmy, the first one to shake hands with the mousie when he comes out...Sunny, the back up plan in case Timmy should miss their guest when he first comes out. They wouldn't want to be rude.

(Alas, sweet Mouse, I fear you haven't long to live).

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Have a great day!


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Poor little mouse!!!!! I agree, he doesn't stand a chance!!!!! The ham sandwich sounds like Heaven to me, too!

Alexandra said...

That mouse is toast! ;)

Liou said...


Sybil said...

Love your daybook today !! Your ham sandwich sounds delicious..I had to laugh at the idea of why we would not have a ham sandwich when we get to heaven LOL
Love them there cats...poor wee mousie..
LOve always Sybil x
PS thanks for reward..will have to give it some thought !!!