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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Computer Snafu #1,000

Okay, so I was having fun, messing around with my blog (as you can tell from the GIGANTIC header picture), when suddenly, snap - the whole computer shut down and would not be turned back on again. What?! The?! Heck?!!!! So, back to the computer doctor we go. Turns out our computer charger cable is bad and my battery ran hopelessly down.

The good news: my warranty will pay for a new one.

The bad news: It has to be shipped from the manufacturer which will take 4-5 business days.


Meanwhile, my daughter's Honors English Class project was abruptly brought to a grinding halt and the wonderfully understanding teacher gave her a "no excuses" "F", even though my daughter had been writing all week. (Never fear, mother will be calling this lovely lady and giving her a rather LARGE piece of what's left of my mind!)

I cannot the change the big scary Valentine picture on my blog page. I am typing at the library and there can be no modifications here. So, no, I haven't gone out of my mind with my monstrous decorations. I am thwarted in Computerland and can do nothing about it.

I will be visiting blogs on Monday and posting again, albeit without pictures. So, check back and hopefully everything will be normal again soon.

Have a great one!


Anonymous said...

I kinda like the great big picture...good luck with that...and good luck to the kiddle with the paper due..

Sybil said...

Poor you Elizabeth..why are computers so complicated to us ??!!
Fingers crossed won;gt be long till you get the cable...sometiems when I put a new header on it is far too big but I have no idea how to get it smaller so it just has to stay there till I find a smaller one LOL.
much Love Sybil xx