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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Simple Womans Daybook, August 12th

Outside my window...it is bright and sunny, warm. There is a breeze that stirs things up a bit and keeps the sun from feeling too hot. It is lovely, perfect weather.
I am thinking...of how grateful I am for beautiful music to listen to in my home. It is such a miracle to have something so wonderful be so readily available.
I am thankful for...this question always stumps me because I am thankful for so many things that it is really hard to narrow it down. I am thankful for life, for love, for relative health and youth to enjoy this world. I am grateful for being needed and that in a small way everyday I can make a difference in the lives of my family and in those around me. I am grateful for miracles, the evidence of which I see everyday. I am thankful for hope, change and opportunity.
From the kitchen...I just made omelets stuffed to the brim with fresh garden veggies - tomatoes, onion, pepper and then also avadado and artichoke heart, with melted cheese. Aaah, the goodness of fresh ingredients.
I am wearing...well, my terribly sore back has me in the most comfy clothes I can come up with which are my workout clothes. So, I am ultra casual, however, I did put on makeup and fix my hair, which I haven't been up to recently. Life is looking up! :)
I am creating...plans in my mind and heart for some upcoming Fall Nesting. Yes, dear friends, Fall is on it's way soon. I had already begun Fall cleaning the week last when my back went out. I have so many more plans for clearing, cleaning, and decorating once I am feeling better.
I am going
...to enjoy the day, bad back and all. It is too beautiful and my lovely daughter is at home alone with me while her brother is off to Scout Camp. It is girls all day together and I will drink deeply!
I am reading...The Power of Premonitions, by Larry Dossey. It is about how so many people are warned in their lives of coming difficulties and what happens when they pay attention and when they don't. The book treats this subject like it's revolutionary, but I believe God warns his children all of the time. To me, it is perfectly normal... and wonderful.
I am hoping...to be up and going soon so that I can be of better service to those around me That is what life is all about!
I am hearing...fiddle music that is driving my daughter absolutely crazy. I'm sorry, but I love old time fiddle music. I'm a hick. Some of the music also has banjos and yodeling and my daughter is shaking her head in wonderment that her hayseed mama is really listening to this stuff, but it fills my soul and makes me want to dance.
Around the house...it is unusually quiet, despite the fiddles, because my son is gone. I am resting on my back with periods of activity when I try to do laundry and cooking. I am reading a lot and being a little gentle with myself so I can be back up soon.
One of my favorite things...just hanging with my daughter.
A few plans for the rest of the week: I will enjoy having my daughter to myself for awhile, work around the house as my back permits and enjoy the last of Summer break before their school starts. Nothing spectacular, just lots of simple livin'!
A Picture to share...from the garden, a butternut squash.
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Have a great day!


Christensen Family said...

Oh what a refreshing an honest post. How I miss you!

Sybil said...

Thank you for your daybook. Sounds like you are doing just the right thing resting your back etc with just teh right amount of exercise inbetween...praying that it will get better soon..
Enjoy the sunny days.
Love Sybil xx

Alexandra said...

That omelet sounds so delicious!

Southern Lady said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love to have visits from people who grew up in my home state. I live in Anson County which is in the southern piedmont area of the state. Our county borders South Carolina. I have always lived in NC and love this state. I do enjoy blogs from other parts of the country. I love comparing weather and such. It is so nice to meet you. Feel free to visit anytime. Your blog seems great! I'll come back soon. Carla

Linda said...

Houses are much quieter when the boys are away! Like you, I really enjoy having my daughter all to myself.

Mum's taste in music is a source of wonder to my children too!