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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some New Years Fun and A Sweet Boy's Poetry

Dear Friends,

It is frigid cold where we are. It takes my breath away when I step outside. There is much snow on the ground, too, and clumsy me has almost fallen a number of times on the ice. Ahh, the winter months. They are snow-laden and pretty, but, boy, getting around in them is an experience!

I was going to share a recipe today of the menu we had last night. But, instead, we had a lovely surprise...A friend gifted us with a meal of sweet & sour chicken (it was delicious!) and so I didn't cook. Imagine that?

After our wonderful meal, last night, we had a special family time, where we sat around the table and wrote on gold, paper stars I had cut out, some of our wishes for the New Year...My husband is wishing for his own guitar, this year, and to write and sing his music (he goes to open-mike nights at a place in Salt Lake City); Sarah is wishing to make a CD of the songs she's written and to move downstairs to a bigger bedroom; Robert is wishing for a trip to Disneyland (my girlfriend, an employee there, gets us in for free); I am wishing for a trip home to NC and VA (I still have my tickets from last year). All fun, do-able goals.

After our family time, Robert gave me a late Christmas gift - a calendar he put together at school with original poems he wrote, one for each month. Here are a few of my favorites:

There once was a little Kitten.
He loved to wear his mittens.
But one day he saw one
of his pretty mittens was gone.
Then he cried where he was sittin'.

Isn't that cute???? Here's another one, my favorite:

My mom is really cool,
And she likes to play "Life" with me.
She is the best cooker ever,
And she always likes to read with me.

Every night we read
to each other
And tell something we like
About the page or chapter.

Sometimes we play "Monopoly";
We go out and swing.
She loves to right (sic) on her blog,
And she loves telling.

Sometimes she tells stories
About her cats that she used to have
And her childhood
And all her life keys.

Sometimes I tell her what I like.
She enjoys going on a walk
And with people
She likes to talk.

Awwww! What a sweet boy!!

I promise some recipes tonight and more!



beth at aunties said...

They are darling! I hope you keep hugging that boy!
Robert, you are quite the genius poet! You are a wonderful mom and cooker! {{{♥}}}

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a sweet gift from your son.

Trish said...

Elizabeth...you are revealing more and more just how extremely talented that family of yours is! Amazing! and now I am curious...although I am glad you received a wonderful gift of dinner...just what were you going to cook and share with us?