Home for the Holidays, by Thomas Kincaid

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Was Lost Is Found

Hello, Blogland Friends!

For days I have been searching the house for my camera. Smaller hands had gotten a hold of it and I could not find it anywhere. I wanted to take pictures for my blog - there is so much to show and say about the last few days...My sister, Jeanie, has been going through my mother's things and mailing me boxes of her stuff and much of it is too wonderful not to show you: old linens, handiwork, pictures. Oh, I was sooo frustrated. Tonight, my daughter (perhaps the culprit?) found the camera in the linen closet, no less. What it was doing in there, I will never know.

So, once again, I am armed with my trusty camera. However, I am much too tired tonight to take any pictures, so I will leave that for tomorrow and end here by wishing all of you a wonderful Autumn evening. I look forward to catching up on your blogs tomorrow. That is a high point to my day.