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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey, lovely friends of Blogland!

Today is my birthday! I am ** years old (ancient), but I feel like a kid...and I love to celebrate! This year, we are lite on funds, but we are having fun anyway. This afternoon, Mark and I played hookey from our chores and went to see a movie. It was my choice, so I picked "The Duchess", with Keira Knightly. It is an historical drama with gorgeous costumes and sets. The acting is first rate, too. It is an incredible movie, though a bit sad. I highly recommend it!

Then...Mark and I went on a drive in surrounding neighborhoods, pretending that we were house-hunting and looked at all of the homes that are for sale. We didn't find our dream house, but that's okay, because we couldn't buy one right now, anyway.

Upon an arrival back home, I found a treat on my doorstop - a gift from a neighborfriend. It was some wonderful-smelling shower gel and a bar of Godiva chocolate!!

I opened cards from the mail and am looking forward to going out to an Asian buffet, opening a few gifts and watching "Dancing with The Stars".

Fun, fun, fun!
(Tomorrow, the fun starts again with Mark's birthday!!)


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Happy, happy birthday. That looks like an interesting movie.

beth at aunties said...

Happy Birthday! I am so glad your husband could spend the day on a long date with you!
I told mine we need a movie for stress release. The Duchess does look good.
Where do you go for good Asia food? We were hungry for some good chinese and never know where to go any more as they closed the buffet acroos from the Quilted Bear area.
I wrote a long message and blogger ate it explaining that my husband had to walk several block detour to the bus the night of the white powder was delivered to the Temple. He also mentioned the huge rally which was held last Saturday. 300 of them in all. It is crazy, yet a wonderful time to become as prepared as we can so we will not fear. I feel for be being spiritually prepared is the most important, then gaining the necessary items we have been asked to get. I added a new site today on my blog about obtaining our food storage. Our married kids are working hard on this one.
I just addressed and stamped the last invite and announcement tonight!
Well, enjoy your Birthdays!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Candy :)

Alexandra said...

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a great time. Anytime you can play hooky with the husband is a great time. :)