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Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day

Make sure and exercise your right and privilege today and vote according to your conscience.
God bless you and God bless our country.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Good reminder. We were able to take advantage of early voting this year. I hope your voting goes smoothly.

Carla said...

DONE! And feeling good about it!

beth at aunties said...


Good for you for posting a reminder. My voting went so smoothly without having to wait. IT kind of made me nervous we weren't getting a good turn out. My husband voted early and stood in a long line for an hour and half. I hope everything in California is going well with the voting:) This election is huge.
I also hope things are starting to look up for your family,


beth at aunties said...

It would work great! It just needs to be warmer weather outside. I just fnished sevral dining room chairs and spray painted them both black and they look great.
I am about finished with a diniing room table I will use for a desk in my office/craft room. Party of it was spray painted.
My daughter just did a great make over. If you link back to Diane on this post, look at the red Armoir on her post she did for their kids play room. Natalie at homesweethideaway.

I was aware of the Steve Young thing. His wife Barb has a gay brother. She/they donated 50 thousand dollars to defeat it.:(
He released a comment on KSL website if you want to read it. Sad. Love the sinner and fellowship them but don't condone the sin.

Have a grat evening!

beth at aunties said...

Would you email me
look at ja bergs blog on my list....
Our temples our in danger.

We will be strong!
I sure have a lot of typos and cringe after I post comment.

With faith, Beth