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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Outdoor Wednesday - Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana

This week, I am continuing to show pictures from our 20th Anniversary trip to New Orleans this past April... On our first day in New Orleans, we were picked up by a tour shuttle which took us to two wonderful plantations: Today, I am showing you pictures from one of them - Oak Alley!
If it looks somewhat familiar that is because the house and grounds have been used in numerous movie, including "Interview with A Vampire" and "Primary Colors".  As you can tell, it was fashioned in the popular Greek Revival style of the early to mid-1800s, but also has some French Creole (meaning original French settlers) distinguishing feature.
The plantation eventually was named for the long row of Live Oaks that form an "alley" in front of the house.  Did you know that live oaks can live 500 years?  These famous oaks were planted by the original owner in the very early 1700's!
The are impressive for their height and girth.  Their enormous branches provide immense shade to the grounds around them.
This is a view from me standing outside looking in on a reconstructed slave shack.  The ones on this plantation (which are being reconstructed atop original foundations) are much better than many I have seen elsewhere.
The hearth and cooking area...
This lovely lady greeted us on the front veranda of the house to prepare us for our tour inside.

Okay, I know this is "Outdoor Wednesday"  not Indoor Wednesday, but for those of you who are curious about the house, I provide you with the next few pictures.  For you purists, please skip ahead until we are back outside again.
The above lady is one of the owners of Oak Alley.  I am sorry to say that I don't remember her name.  But she is lovely, isn't she?
This is her husband or father.  I don't remember much about him.  The family history is complicated.  All I know is that the plantation originally belonged to a French creole family known as the Romans.  The owned and operated it as a sugar plantation until the War Between the States changed the economy and the whole enterprise was no longer profitable.
Checkers, anyone?
The curtain in the middle of the table (red) is a gigantic fan ... their inventive way of providing air conditioning in the summer months.
One of the bedrooms...
This is the "Lavender Room", much loved by the last mistress of the house.
Lovely isn't it?
Another look at the Live Oaks, view from the front veranda.
This is an enormous sugar vat, used now as a pond.
Silhouette of the live oak branches against a bright blue sky.
This is a fly catcher!
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Have  great day!


Sybil said...

ELIZABETH what JOY it was when I fould you had at very long last git back to your blog. I had never given up hope that you might comeback one day and popped in every wee while to see if there was any news. NOW i hav eha d a great time lookig back in the last few dates to read what you have been up to Your holiday seems to have been a brilliant one. I am so HAPPY HAPPY that you are well and will be keeping a check on you each and every time I keep up with my blog friends. I have given up blogging last year as I had few visitors and teh one swho did comment were mostly family ...anyway I am on facebook and "speak" to many of the old AOL friends there...Take Care xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lady of the Manor said...

I loved your tour of Oak Alley! We recently visited some historic homes in NY. LOVE looking at old homes, have NO desire to live in one!!! You asked if I liked decorating with primitives and can say I have several OLD family pieces that I love to display. They remind me of special people in my life. However, I really don't like to spend much money on acquiring new ones ... unless they're the right price!! LOL!! Do you collect them?

Anonymous said...

"This is her husband or father" -- that is her brother-in-law, Governor A.B. Roman.