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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook May 17, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Dove atop an old fence.

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... The sun is shining! Oh, yes it is!! Puffy, white cumulus clouds soften the sky and there is a lovely breeze blowing. It is neither hot nor cold, but beautiful temperate.
I am thinking... how glorious it is to be alive on such a wonderful day!
I am thankful for... oh, so many things...for light and warmth and Beauty, to be alive and still relatively young, to be very young at heart
From the learning rooms...Oooh, two mysteries now!
Black Water Rising, by Attica Locke. It's good, but I am sorry to see some swear words in it. Fortunately, there is no sexual material and nothing graphic about the crime committed. It's an interesting "period piece" about what the Civil Rights era and the ensuing years were like for some activists. I've learned a lot.

My favorite, Chasing The Devil, by Sheriff David Reichert, is the story of how a deeply Christian man had the terrible task of chasing down one of the worst serial killers in history, The Green River Killer.
It isn't a graphic book. Reichert is very respectful of his audience and deeply compassionate toward the victims I (mostly prostitutes) and their families. It is an incredible testimony of how faith can keep someone on a quest for justice over decades of studying the most of heinous crimes.
From the kitchen...I am ashamed to say that there are only dirty dishes, right now, but I hope to get bread baking before the young ones return. It's important to come home to wonderful aromas.
I am wearing...Exercise clothes. Haha. Haven't exercised. Hope to sometime today. rrrrrrr.
I am creating... Haha, again. I am concentrating on vacuuming, dusting, laundry and ironing today.
I am going... Nope. Already went. Walked to the bank to conduct some business. It was beautiful and lovely, lovely.
I am reading... Oops, I already answered this one above. As a family, we are still working on the scriptures (a life long pursuit) and a funny book for around the dinner table.
I am hoping... That my husband gets a job he interviewed with last week. He is currently working at a new sales position, but the job that we really wanted for him never called. Well, last week, they finally did and he went in for what he says was a wonderful interview. They told him they would be calling him at the beginning of this week. I am praying they do, it would be so much better for our family.
I am hearing... Bernadette Peters singing, "Something Wonderful". Music keeps me going and on task while I'm working.
Around the house...It's messy, folks. Yes, it is. But not for long. I am working really hard to get everything back in order. Whew.
One of my favorite things...munching on my lunch while peering out the window at the birds who are eating at the feeders. I love seeing new ones stop by for a snack, though I am stymied to find out the names of a few new ones that have suddently begun to show up since I changed the feed outside.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Oh, gosh, we HAVE to till the dratted veggie garden. It will be a HUGE task, which Mark and I will do together mid-week. There is LOTS of gardening to do. Most of it will be fun, if the weather holds.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

My jokester, Sarah.
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God bless!



Laura said...

Stopping in to say hello!

Anne@Rosydreamer said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful day, in spite of dirty dishes. It was windy and wet here, but warm. My tomato plant is happy. :)