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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farewell to a Tiny Friend

Tuesday night, my sweet daughter, Sarah, came out of her room in tears. She had just found her little dwarf hamster, Pansy, curled up in her food bowl, passed away. Pansy was purchased around my daughter's 13th birthday, about a year and a half ago. Recently, she developed two large tumors, but was behaving like her spry old self, so we weren't that worried.

So, we held a funeral for Pansy on Tuesday night. I donated a small, decorative cardboard box for the coffin. My husband went out in the pouring rain to dig the hole out under out apple tree where lies two of our other pets. AFter burying Pansy, we stood together out of the rain on the deck and said a family prayer.

A tender moment for a tiny animal who is no doubt running free in the fields above, waiting for a sweet girl who loved him for 20 months.



Alexandra said...

May she RIP. :( She was so cute!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Elizabeth, I'm so sorry, give Sarah a hug for me...I always had hamsters growing up too. Their life span is only about 2 years which is way too short when you love them so!! hugs and love, Dawn

The Chair Speaks said...

Pansy had a wonderful life with you. May she RIP.

Trish said...

Oh how sad. What a dear family you have Elizabeth...where you are so tender one to another.