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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Found Him!

Hello, Sweet Friends!

Well, I finally was able to identify the brightly-coloured bird with the orange tummy and the black and white wings who has recently been visiting my backyard feeders...He's the Black Headed Grosbeak! I found a wonderful online site, What Bird, that allows you to input a physical description of the bird and then based on that, you are given several types of birds to choose from. When I found the name of my little guy, I then went to utahbirds.org and pulled up a larger picture of him (see above) and his birdsong. Yep! That's him!!

Isn't he a jaunty little fellow? After looking at so many precious sparrows, finches, black birds, doves, etc., who are all more subtly coloured, the grosbeak is a happy addition to my little backyard world of birds. Don't you just love him?

Have a great day!


The Chair Speaks said...

What a vivid orange. Excellent shot!

Alexandra said...

Gorgeous colors - great shot!