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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy 5th Day of Christmas

Things have been quiet here in my little corner of Blogland since Christmas. We have been enjoying the Season together as a family. I know that for a lot of people these days Christmas is over as soon as the 25th is passed, but we celebrate until at least January 1st, sometimes going all the way to the 6th of January and "Old Christmas", as my mother used to call it, when the three wise men visited the Christ Child. Mama said that in the "old days" Santa visited on Christmas Eve, but the exchange of presents accured on Old Christmas. We are of largely Scottish heritage, so I am assuming that this must come from the British Isles. This is also where the 12 days of Christmas comes from. The first day is the 25th and the 12th day is January 6th.

Anyone else heard of "Old Christmas"?

So, we are still playing Christmas music and reading Christmas stories. Today, we are making Christmas cookies, using the same cutters my sister and I used in our childhoods. Fun traditions, passed on....

What are you doing to keep the Season alive?


Myrnie said...

I've never heard of that tradition, it sounds nice! I feel like such a grinch this year- I've put away all the Christmas decorations already. For some reason, they just felt distracting this year- maybe it was the animatronic snowmen singing about fudge and pie? My 15-month-old was pushing that button constantly for the last month :)

Christensen Family said...

Oh how lovely! I wish I was still celebrating - it's getting sad. I look up to you so much.