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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Bedrooms

This year, I am re-thinking all of my Christmas decorating and putting festive touches in rooms that I don't usually decorate. For instance, the bedroom...I went to one of my favorite sites for inspiration, Country Living Magazine .

Don't the lovely greens above beautifully frame this romatic bed?
Oh, how I love white and these small, white wreaths are just the perfect touch!
Well, the above bedroom is a bit busy and stuffed full of...well, STUFF for my tastes.
This child's room has just the right amount of Christmas decor/ Doesn't it look warm and cozy?
How about you? Do you decorate your master bedroom and/or other rooms pf your house, or just the room that holds your tree?
Look for photos on Friday of own house.
God Bless,


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Good Morning Elizabeth...
I so love these beautiful displays for our bedrooms. I love the smell of greenery and going to sleep and waking up to it would be just beautiful. I may just add that little extra touch this year. How delightful is that?

I love Country Living magazine. I take that magazine, and so look forward to each and every issue. It is one of the few magazines left actually.

Hope you have a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing sweetie.

Country hugs...Sherry

Beth at Aunties said...

Oh I adore these fun bedrooms. Can't you imagine Sugar plums dancing in their heads?
I hope your trip goes/went well. I love taking acare of our dad/grandpa as you will. These special ones we have been blessed to have so long with us have added a very special sweetness and joy to our lives. I am so sorry he is dying and pray his passing will be sweet and pain free... as hard as it is. (I LOVE having the gospel!)

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful other than the break in. I couldn't believe they would take Jamie's wedding dress! They did not realize it until they arrived to do a session at the Bountiful temple.:{ it is their first anniversary this weekend! Time flies doesn't it?
Happy Holidays and Merriest CHRISTmas sweet Friend!

Laura said...

I love those photos! I put a little holiday potpourri in our bedroom and it obviously needs a bit more decor now that I've seen your post. :)

A wonderful day to you!

Alexandra said...

Great header! We just do the downstairs, but I really like that bedroom. Fresh greens would make it smell wonderful.