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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wake Up Call for Mothers!

Well, it just stopped sleeting outside...Yes, it is May 17th and it has been sleeting.  An outdoor thermometer I passed on the way to do errands today registered 36 degrees.   There is white stuff all over the blossoms of new flowers I planted in the backyard.  I am feeling equally weighed down by cold.

Utah, is a very beautiful place, especially Northern Utah, where we live.  The mountains are very beautiful and the farther north one goes it becomes greener, which is what I like.  I am definitely not a high desert girl.  But the winters in Northern Utah are very long; the summers are short.  This can be difficult on someone who is easily affected by a lack of sunlight.  It slows me down and makes me want to hibernate until the warmth returns.  We were on our way to Spring recently and I am sure that this is just a small step backwards, but it feels like forever to me.

On a lighter note, it is looking increasingly like our family will be leaving for California at the end of school and may be staying there for much of the summer.  Now that both of my in-laws are passed away (what a huge hole they have left behind), their home in Southern California is being prepared for sale and this may be the last time we can spend any time in it.
Here is a video that really woke me up today! Hope it is meaningful for you, too!



Myrnie said...

Sleeting!!! Oh my, hope Spring comes soon for you guys!

What I Did Today said...

An amazing and inspiring video. Definitely passing it along! Thanks! Hope you get the good weather soon, and BEFORE you go to Cali!

Alexandra said...

I remember seeing pictures of that fabulous home. You'll have a great summer, I'm sure. I'm so sorry you have to say farewell to it. I often think about my grandparents' homes and long for them. I wish they could have stayed in the family. :(

Andy and Ana said...

Morning Elizabeth, This is so very interesting....reminds me what I read in Genesis...about Joseph, God knows the meaning of Dreams. Posted it on our Facebook. Thanks again, Ana