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Friday, April 1, 2011


My friend, Lisa, a fun and wonderful writer in Blogland, published a fun post about herself HERE.  I enjoyed reading it so much that I have decided to write an About Me post, too.

I am:  A great big jumble of contradictions.  I am shy, but I love to do public speaking if I feel that I have something worthwhile to share.  I adore solitude, but in my middle years can often feel lonely.  I love to find different ways to refine myself and my behavior but also love to talk country and be goofy.  Speaking of "country", I go in and out of a strong Southern accent all of the time.  I learned to drop my accent as a child when we moved out West and I didn't like being teased, however my Southern accent makes me feel like I am not so far away from "home" and reminds me of my dear mother, so it comes and goes and I don't care.  I am sensitive to criticism but I also don't give a hoot what people think about my idiosyncrasies.  I dearly love God, but I have a very hard time sitting still in prayer.  I care deeply about others but cannot be surrounded by people for long periods of time.  I am a Nature Girl.  I am a history buff and lover of old things.  I am a Homebody, but I also love to travel.

I like:  Trying new things.  Talking to myself when I am alone (or think that I am alone - ha ha).  I like/need to have light-hearted fun.  I love to cook, especially something new that I haven't tried before.  Love to read, read, read.  I love to write, write, write.  I adore babies and children.  Sushi and avacados (sorry, Lisa, we can still be friends!).  I love church.  I adore attending Christmas and Easter programs anywhere, anytime.  I like to share a love of Christ with anyone who feels likewise.  Riding a bike downhill!  Laughter.  Kindness.  Learning something new.  My CHILDREN!  Beauty (as in Keats" "Beauty is Truth; Truth, beauty.  That is all ye know in Life and all ye need to know").  Peaceful, restful sleep.  Sunshine.  Music. Furry animals.  Birds.  Pretty dresses.  Hugs and kisses..  Pussycats.  So many things.

I am good at:  Waiting for what I truly want.  Saying I'm sorry.  Forgiving.  Loving. Perceiving others.  Making do.  Enjoying food.  Feeling grateful.  Taking the long view on life.  Organizing drawers and cupboards.  Loving people forever.

I am bad at:  Repetition.  Reading boring textbooks.  Higher math!  Impressing people.  Organizing rooms.  Letting go of friendships that have run their course.  Consistency in household chores.  Moving.

I dislike:  Doing things the same way all of the time.  Sitting still.  Joining political parties and thinking people are jerks if they disagree.  Incivility.  Noisy crowds.  Junk food.  Refusal to think outside the box.  Passing judgment (though I have caught myself doing that at times) or judging by appearances.  Close-mindedness.  Dreary weather.  Loud rock music.  People who are unkind to animals.  Plastic.  Individual packaging of everything.  Refusal to forgive or try and understand why.  Arguing.  Wasting time on things that don't matter in the long run.  Canned asparagus.  Vinyl siding and fences.  Pollution and over development. Fixation with  celebrities.  Ridiculing other people's beliefs.  Betrayal of someone's trust.  Being too busy to enjoy life.  Cleaning the kitchen after cooking.  Not feeling rooted somewhere.

If you decide to write an About Me post, please let me know so I can come visit.



Wendy said...

Hello Elizabeth,
You warm loving About Me post is very endearing. Mine sounds clinical next to yours. http://wendylaharnar.weebly.com/
So lovely of you to offer to read the About Mes of other people. I found you because I was looking for a picture to go with the poem I wrote for a friend in Nov. 1998. I'd like to put my poem up on my website mentioned above. The picture in your Summer Solstice post is perfect. Is it yours or can you tell me who to contact for permission to use it with my poem. I would give due credit of course.
Thank you,
PS My email: calam at live dot com dot au is the one I use. The default google one doesn't.

Sybil said...

Hi Elizabeth..at last I am back on line after what seemed like a very long 10 days without internet connection or telephone...
I have just added an entry to my blog...
I just love your about me posting and will be reading it again for sure to take it all in !!
much Love Sybil xx

What I Did Today said...

It's nice to get to know you better! You make me wish you lived closer so the girls and I could come for a visit. I love avocados and sushi too!