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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sleepin' Kitties

Cuddling up with a kitty is the coziest thing that I know. They are so soft and comfy. I have to confess that when I awaken in the morning and find two snoring pussycats by my side I have a really hard time getting up.
Who can resist the opportunity to rest beside a furry friend? Not I.
I want to burrow under my covers with one arm outside to cradle my two little friends, to pet a nose or to gently smooth their fur.
I watch them as they dream. They twitch here and there and occasionally mew as they respond to some danger in their dreamland.
Ultimately, I have to leave the cats to their slumber, because they do not have a house full of chores as I do. But my heart is happy and peaceful after sharing some love with Timmy and Sunny. The world feels like a better place because it has in it two gentle spirits covered by warm, orange fur!
Have a great one!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Elizabeth Sweetie...
Oh Timmy and Sunny look so comfy do they not? You can tell they are best friends. I have always felt content to hear the purring of a kitten or cat when you pet them or talk to them. Such a happy sound. I was always convinced as a child that my Siamese cat, Tommy, had a motor inside of him. He loved being stroked and talked to. He was my pride and joy. My very best friend.

I hope the rest of your day goes as well as the morning started off with your wonderful creatures of love.

Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

Sybil said...

Well I don't have these wee furry pussies to keep me warm but I do have my wee Dee who sleeps in his bed beside mine....untill...around 5.30ish when he thinks maybe we have been seperated too long and I wake to find him trying to jump into bed with me...his wee legs are too short for him to actually jump in !! So I have to half wake and scoop him up and throw him behind me!! Oh it is lovely when his warmth seeps through into my back. and then around 6.40 he starts to get restless and tries to stand on top of me ..a sign that it is time for us to get up LOL...no long lies in this house...according to Dee...who says our pets don't rule the roost.
Lovely sunny day ahead, although it is very cold first thing..
Love Sybil xx

Andy and Ana said...

Morning Elizabeth, Your Kitties are pretty. Sorry about the mistaken name. I did visit Gattina's blog,it was so much fun. Hugs & kisses to Sunny & Timmy.
Great day to you, ana

Kym King said...

I love your sleeping kitties photo and I really enjoy reading your blog post.
Warm blessings,
I blog everyone once in a while at