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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Show and Tell Friday, March 25th - Romantic Purses from Days Gone By

Cindy, from My Romantic Home, is hosting another Show and Tell Friday.  I decided to participate with a post that was first published almost two years ago.  I thought it would be fun to share for so many of you who never read it before.

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Today, I share my antique purses..
I got this one 30 years ago at a thrift store in Provo, Utah. I routinely found antique items back then at this one particular store (not so much anymore).
The bead work is very lovely.
This purse was given to me by my sister, Jeanie, who knows my affinity for very feminine things and for pastel colors.
The beadwork on this bag is much more intricate.

I love to wonder about the ladies who carried these bags before me. Were they in the bloom of youth or were they older ladies like I am now? Did they make a special memory, meet a special someone while holding them? Did they pack them for travel and visit some far-away place where they took them out and used them? Did these purses ever hold handkerchiefs that dried a tear or were given to someone as a remembrance?

I, myself, carried both of these purses in the bloom of my young womanhood. I held the flowered one in my lap when I went to the ballet to see the Bolshoi and another time, the Kirov. They went on special dates with me when I felt young and beautiful. Now that I am older and rarely dress up the way I use to, they grace my bedroom wall. Someday, I will pass them down to my daughter while she is a young woman. Hopefully, they will help her to feel feminine and pretty, because beautiful things affect the way we feel about ourselves.

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Laura said...

Gorgeous! I have a couple small beaded bags that I adore, though I have never carried them. I often think I should give them up to someone who will use them but I can't bring myself to part with them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kym King said...

Simply Gorgeous!!