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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday - September 29th/The Aspen Loop

A lovely Wednesday to you!

My family and I spent our Family Night on Monday evening, driving the Aspen Loop from the famous Sundance (actor, Robert Redford's ski resort) over the mountains down into Alpine, Utah.
We were a little disappointed that the aspens were not at peak color yet.
A number of other trees were turning.
And here and there a patch of golden aspens were seen.
The leaves are lovely, but don't you think their trunks are also wonderful, ghostly white and mottled with black. They are a sight at night.
The above vista is looking back towards Sundance, near Timpanogas Peak.
Here a mosaic of golden aspen leaves shine in the late afternoon sun.
A precious, little stream makes its way down the mountain. When I was a little girl, traveling with my family I called these "trinkletaries". :)
On a rock near the stream...
We found this little jar, with a note inside...
It said, "I am just a napkin. Thanks for finding me!" :)
I hope that you enjoyed our drive through the mountains.
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Have a great one!


The Paint Splash said...

I did enjoy the ride. The note is cute. I wonder who left it...

Linda said...

What a nice ride! I love Aspens so much that I planted white birch all over my yard...they are close to the same, but Aspens need too much water. We have a wonderful stand in the mountains near my house. The note was a cute idea! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

Donnie said...

What a fun trip. Felt like I was right along with you guys.