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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pleasures of Family: A Bumble Bee Has Her Birthday

On Saturday, everybody's favorite bumblebee, Willow, (my sweet little grand-niece) had her second birthday.
Family and friends gathered at Willow's hive for the celebration.
As soon as we came in the door carrying a big, colorful present, the sweet little bee was buzzing all around it...
She carried that huge thing all by herself to the kitchen, looking for help to open it...
Who will help me open this box?
Aunt Kelly tries to help...
Willow is very adept at getting the paper off...
but it takes the help of daddy Isaac to get through all the tape.
Gracious, what could it be?
It's a horsy to ride and play with!
Here is sweet Kelly bee (my niece).
What a yummy birthday cake!
Here is Queen Bee, Emily, and the little bumblebee herself.
Time to sing "Happy Bee Day!"
"I want to cut the cake myself!"
Some cake to sooth the Bee Day girl.
Yum, yum!
I got so caught up taking pictures of Willow, I forgot to take many of all the guests. What few I did take didn't turn out well. I'm sorry family!

Thanks to Isaac and Emily for putting on such a fun party and for inviting Uncle Mark and Auntie E.


Have a Bee-autiful day!


Myrnie said...

So cute! I love seeing the bee antennae on everyone :) Looks like the birthday girl had a blast!

Christensen Family said...

You got some great photos! So glad you could come and that you had a nice time. Everything was so chaotic this time that I feel bad that I may not have been as gracious as a hostess as usual.

Alexandra said...

What a cute theme! Great pictures. Birthday blessings to your sweet niece.

Sybil said...

What a gorgeous wee lassie...It was great that you were able to join in the birthday party. Bet she will have such fun with teh gorgeous pony.
Love Sybil x