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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Path We Trod Together

Cobbled Streets in Wilmington, NC

This picture appeals to me for more reasons than the quaint cobbestones. It is also a picture of my and my daughter's feet together on the path. What meaning that has for me, for we trod the path of life together. My feet have been down this street before. For my daughter, it was new. I led her through where I once as a young lady spent my days. She followed my lead.

This picture was taken one full year ago and these past 13 months have required much guidance, patience and example for me to help my daughter find her way and to keep her feet on the path the Lord has set. This has been a tender, fragile, significant experience. I am proud of her achievements, changes and choices. At the same time, I realize that throughout her life there will be a number of tender, fragile, significant times where her choices will need to be good ones. I am grateful that I am able, with so many more life experiences behind me, to be here to help and guide her. I am grateful for the pathway the Lord has set and that if we keep to that path, though life will be fraught with challenges, the outcomes of these experiences will be good ones, ultimately. Sometimes I wish that I could spare my children the bumps and bruises, the gut-wrenching trials that are a part of Life. But I know that these are the types of situations that brought me strength and brought me close to the Savior.

Look at her feet, they have grown since the picture was taken. See her sweet and funny converse shoes, of which she is so fond. She is still somewhat a child. It is my privilege to stand next to her, to look up the road of Life with her. Someday I will stand and watch as she moves on up the road on her own. By then I pray she will have learned enough, that her faith will have strengthened enough, where she can keep her footing during whatever lays ahead of her.

My sweet girl.


Laurie said...

What a beautiful way of looking at it, and what sweet perspective. You are a great mom!

Sybil said...

What a lovely picture and such wise words Elizabeth...If only other families could see things in the same light.
Love Sybil

Alexandra said...

I enjoyed this post. :) I empathize, and so agree.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a sweet post this is. Your love for your daughter vibrates through every word.

Trish said...

I love that shot too...and all the meaning behind it. Wonderful and your sweet daughter is a blessing to not only you and your family but I am surmising that as she moves ahead through her life...she will continue to bless those about her.