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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fleeting Summer Days

Why is it that as soon as July 4th is over (and in Utah after Pioneer Day on the 24th), the stores are filled with Back to School items? Can't they wait until at least August to put all that stuff out? It reminds me that on August 20th, a few short weeks away, my soon-to-be 7th Grader will have his first day of school, and on the 23rd, my 9th Grader will start.

Has the Summer been going as quickly for you as it has been for us? It seems like we just got out of school and now I'm mailing in registration fees for Middle School, planning school clothes purchases and marking school holidays on the calendar.

I have to remind myself to really enjoy each day, to not just race through it with chores and the marking off of To Do lists, because these sweet times with my children will not come again. Time goes by so very quickly, one season rolling into another, over and over again. What if we spend all our days accomplishing and doing and marking off and never stopping to enjoy what we've been given?

Do we take time everyday to sit out in the sun and feel warmth on our faces, not just complain about the heat as we rush from home to car? When was the last time you sat and watched backyard birds? That is some very inexpensive and fun entertainment. Why not take a plate of food, sit out and have an impromptu picnic for breakfast or lunch? Try to spend some time with your hands in the earth, pulling weeds, cultivating or even planting flowers in a pot. I believe our souls long for connection with the earth. There is such peace in that. When was the last time you spent time looking at a Summer moon? Where is the wonder we felt as a child of looking at its big, beautiful, round face? Watching the stars in the night sky while the weather allows us to be out of doors is a must. If you live in a place where the sky is truly dark then the sky show is magnificent!

All these beautiful, wondrous things and more were given to us, dear friends. They are our presents. Let's stop and look at them and feel them in our hearts and souls. This shows our appreciation to our great Creator, to the Father of our souls.

Drink deeply from the day.


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Myrnie said...

See, now I feel bad because I sent out notes to all my piano studio parents 2 weeks ago about scheduling slots for the Fall! Enjoy the rest of your summer!