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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Dancing Princess

This past weekend, my daughter opened in her first play, "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". This is her middle school's production and it is incredibly fun. Sarah is April, one of the princesses and she is having a ball camping it up and singing.
The costumes are great and the set is adorable. Wish I had taken more pictures. The backdrops were painted by a professional artist who donated 180 hours making them. They were a sight to behold.
Each princess has her own personality. Princess April (as in April showers..) cries a lot.
I'm so happy that Sarah's first play could be such a good experience.


As for the rest of the weekend, we didn't attend the St. Paddy's Day festivities on Saturday because of the cold and wet weather. Sunday, we awoke to a winter wonderland outside, with trees, bushes and homes puffy and white from a good six inches or more of snow.

I need Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not to worry, Thursday it's suppose to be sunny and 60 degrees. Oh, I can't wait.

Are you getting Spring fever?



Myrnie said...

What sweet costumes, and your daughter looks WONDERFUL! What a fun experience :)

Kiddles are down for their naps- soon as they're asleep, I'm heading out to plant seeds! yay! :)

Alexandra said...

Very exiting! I've not heard of that play, but it looks good.

Christensen Family said...

Wish we could have been there. She looks darling!